Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Covid Journal, Day 349: Booth Changes

25 and clear this morning, and a beautiful, sunny day to follow. Feeling like Spring. Now, at 7: in the evening, it's showering. Again. Flooding is expected to continue for the flood-prone areas, unfortunately.

We've worked in both booths recently, bringing in new pieces to replace things that have sold. We've been so fortunate to be still selling well even with the uncertainty of the pandemic and the economy. I count my blessings for sure.

So here's our Ravenswood booths:

This was a medical cabinet, the seller told us. He didn't know its provenance, except that it had belonged to his grandparents. I'm guessing it's a 1940's-50's manufacture, but it's pretty cool. There's a black glass slideout shelf that a friend suggested might have been for reading x-rays. Maybe, I'm not sure.the cabinet appears to be made of walnut and is quite heavy and sturdy.

I added some twinkle lights, since someone had drilled holes in the back--apparently they'd used it for a TV cabinet at some point.

This dresser was literally in pieces when we bought it, and had some broken wood to boot. It took some time and energy, but it's sturdy now, and look how pretty. Normally I would not have painted such beautiful wood, but the repairs had to be obvious, so paint covered that. I left as much wood showing as possible though.

I think I showed this little cabinet before. Just added the globes and a few other things to it.

The red chair has gone from Halloween to Christmas to Valentine's decor, and now it's displaying Easter. I swear, if someone doesn't buy it soon I'll be bringing it home because I do like it. 

This isn't new--it's the "junky" corner. I really need to figure out some other way to display all this stuff. Any ideas? Maybe just another, narrow shelf? I think this is about 30 inches, maybe less.

And then at Marietta, we sold a flatwall cabinet, surprise surprise--we rarely sell big pieces there, so I was using it a display piece. So you can imagine all the stuff that was on the floor and everywhere when the mall people had to empty it out. We brought in this cute little desk to replace it, and had to do some creative re-arranging to fit everything back in. Those are coal miner's boots beside the desk. I had them listed on eBay for a good while; they didn't sell so I thought I'd try them here. They're collectible, right? Well...

We brought in the white chair too, and those cute potholders.

Just trying to jam everything in. This is a much smaller space, about a quarter the size of what we have in Ravenswood, so I really have to make the space count. See the aluminum coffepot at the top center? Someone stole the glass knob off the top. Can you believe that? So annoying. I think I have one to fit it, but will have to wait for the next trip to try it out.

Copper, I hear, is making a comeback. You couldn't prove it by me. I've had these copper pieces on sale for a while. I like copper myself.

The old wavy glass mirror is still hanging around too. I really don't want to paint the frame, as that's the original paint. 

The copper kettle looks like a Simplex, and it was made in England like the Simplex kettles. It might be one, but not marked. I considered keeping this too, actually bought it for myself, but I don't need it, so...

As you can see, it's a very full booth. I try to make sure there's plenty of floor space, but it's a challenge. I miss all the space we used to have here, but we're actually making better money from this downsized space.

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  1. I ALWAYS enjoy your booth posts so much! I tend to enlarge the pictures and "shop" extensively. More than once when you post something big and heavy (like the old washing machine a good while ago and today's medical cabinet) I think what fun it would be to make a road trip and visit with an empty van...this is the kind of thing I used to be able to do :)


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