Wednesday, April 14, 2021


50 this morning, showers all day. Hasn't warmed up a great deal.

These ladies are all a-waiting for the rain to stop so they can get in the ground or in pots and planters. 

We stopped at Bob's Greenhouse in Gallipolis Saturday and came away with all this bounty. 

Well, not quite all. A stop at Walmart yielded two things I really wanted for this year's garden: Early Girl tomatoes and late flat Dutch cabbage. The tomato plants looked so sad and wilted--see them there in the center?-- but a little water and it was an overnight miracle. I like these plants because they live up to their name, bearing earlier than almost any other variety. 

And late flat Dutch cabbage grows into the most gigantic cabbages I've ever grown. I tried to grow some late last year but the rabbits destroyed them. We got revenge though. One of those pesky rabbits is the the crockpot right now, making a delicious stew. Larry shot two of them in the act of eating my cabbages so I feel no remorse. Although I do feel a bit like Farmer MacGregor.

I am happy to have such a good selection of flowers to get started on summer beauty. For now though all these lovely plants have to wait for a better day. Maybe tomorrow? Fingers crossed.

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  1. Rabbit stew sounds good. Bet the rabbit wasn't thinking of becoming a main ingredient of the stew. Good luck with the tomatoes, they are one of my favorites. Have a good day!


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