Friday, May 7, 2021

In the Gardens, Part 2

45 again this morning, with rain. Eventually cleared up but never really warmed up.

Back to the gardens today:

This beautiful iris is from a friend's garden. It's had a struggle to live, as the cat and the dogs have chosen its location as a good sunning spot. I finally guarded it with wire last year, and this year it's coming into its own.

The peonies are almost ready to open. There will be few blooms this year due to the late freezes, but I am so happy that the pink one I planted 2 years ago has a bud this year.

My one azalea, surviving because it's in a protected, sheltered place. 

Pansies planted a month or more ago are looking lovely now.

Oregano is ready to harvest, as soon as we get a dry day.

A friend gave me a start of a hydrangea that blooms on new wood. It has taken very well to its new home.

The same friend gave me these Lenten Roses, which are thriving just below the red spirea.

The blue flag irises, and red spirea, which should start blooming next week.

This garden is a shameful muddle right now. I am in a quandary what to do here. There are many asparagus seedlings beneath the henbane weedpatch. I think I may just leave this alone a while to let the henbane die and the asparagus seedlings get more established. There is also a big patch of dill in here that has seeded itself, and a few calendula and chamomile, also self-seeded. I will start working on this area next week, and see if I can sort it out a bit.

My most prolific iris. I've had it for years, but don't know the name of the variety.

Weeds, a plentiful crop. I've pulled loads of the gill-over-the-ground so far, and curse the pioneers who brought it over from Europe to brew their beer. Ah well, what did they know of the pest it would become?

Dame's Rocket--I dug up a few plants, and very carefully scattered their seed, so now we have a large, fragrant patch of this sping-bloomer. Mixed in with it is more asparagus.

Waiting to be potted up, geraniums and purslane. I ran out of potting soil, so this will be tomorrow's job.

My sister Theresa gave me a start of this purple iris, which has spread happily in my garden.

Lamb's Ears also spread themselves around, and I'm happy to let it. 

Here you can see the trellised grapevine. We kept it sprayed with water, along with the fruit trees, so we're hoping to have grapes from it this year. Larry gave it a good pruning earlier in the spring.

In the forground here are lilies of the valley, which have also spread easily in my gardens. I pull it up at will, but always have plenty more every year. I do love its sweet scent.

As I was photographing my gardens I happened to notice a patch of lavender-colored flowers in the woods. Shamrocks--how they got there is anyone's guess, but they're doing very well all on their own.

Not far away in the woods was a patch of little bluets. We have these everywhere here in the spring. They are one of my favorite spring flowers.

Looking from the woods toward the house.

And from the woods looking up the driveway. Lots of shades of green, but the promise of more flowers to come.

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  1. what lovely flowers, herbs and wild ones too! I enjoy seeing how the different foliage looks against your beautiful stone walls.

    1. Thank you Barbara. It's a team effort for sure.

  2. What a wonderful tour of your garden. It's looking good and it's only the beginning. It will be interesting to see the different stages as the garden proceeds. Happy gardening and weekend to you.

    1. We still have much to do, Bill. The vegetable garden is barely started. In a way that's nice because i've been able to concentrate on the flowers. It's been a strange year so far.

  3. It's all so very lovely. I may just plant some asparagus in my flower beds on purpose. I've started doing this with other vegetables but not perennial. The pests haven't seemed to bother things so much growing in my flower beds.

    1. Thank you, Jenny. I like your idea of interplanting veggies and flowers. The asparagus did it by itself but I like it.

  4. I have one iris bloom so far, not much of anything else here--it's been too cold. Your gardens are beautiful. I love the different colored iris. Reminds me of Quarry Road.


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