Sunday, May 16, 2021

Making Up for the Day Off

It's been a long day. Tired out as we were from yesterday's long day, we still had much to do today.

So, into the gardens to plant the leek plants I started from seed, beets, cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, lima beans--a first try for us-- and corn. Also a long row of flower seeds, and then in the flowerbeds to put in some phlox and red bergamot plants that arrived in yesterday's mail.

Then weeding, string trimming and blowing off the walks for me, and grass-cutting for Larry. We were both so tired we about fell into the shower, but then the evening was lovely. We could look out at our work and know it was good. Anytime you pass some old homestead and see beautifully cut lawns and tended flower and vegetable gardens, just remember there is probably some elderly couple behind it all--and they're on their porch completely exhausted but contented with their handiwork.

I'm re-reading James Herriot's All Creatures Great and Small right now. A perfect way to end the day. I might be worn out, but I'm not covered in cow dung or being kicked by horses and cursed by old farmers! There's always someone worse off than ourselves, isn't there. 

Tomorrow--the van still needs to be unloaded. EBay still needs to be packed. And I better do a little housework. But at least all the outside work is caught up, for the time being anyway. Now, bring on that forecasted rain!

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  1. OMgoodness. This rings a bell with us. We sleep good at night!

  2. I hope your garden grows well this year. Nothing better than a good rain, after planting.


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