Sunday, April 4, 2010

Poem for Today: Beartown Rocks

In ocean of green, eternal stones stand,
split by some almighty force
the explosion of their parting surely shook the earth
to its molten core, melding sand to stone in the furnace
of upheaval and rebirth; unnamed

birds swim a leafy sea, dripping liquid notes to earth
they drink from tidal pools in primeval caverns
of lichen-crusted castles made of ancient rock
standing sentinel to time while

fairydiddles find furtive places,
hidden in enchanted canyons
beneath the ferns and forest fodder
moss covers wounds of past disruption
and prehistoric disarray; outside,
history repeats its sorrowful mistakes
in the world that labors only two miles distant;
in this secret place, children still seek dinosaurs
hidden in the stone

Beartown is a small West Virginia State Park with unusual and almost spiritual rock formations. It is a place that inspires belief in fairies and otherworld creatures, a place to meditate, refresh, and wonder.


Susan at Stony River said...

You make me need to be there. I love this one.

Janet, said...

I love Beartown! You made me look at it in a whole different way.

Angela said...

Hey Granny Sue!


I had hoped to take the kids to Beartown during Spring Break this week. I didn't realize it was that far of a drive. I'll have to wait until my husband can go with us! We went to Grandview Park near Beckley about 2 weeks ago and had a wonderful time.

Mountainword said...

This place is great! I remember going here in the summer one year and it was snowing!

Granny Sue said...

Beartown is a unique experience. Go during the week to miss tourists, but honestly it's not a busy park anyway. The land was donated to the Park Service by the parents of a young man who loved the place. He was killed in Vietnam and his parents bought the land and donated it in his memory.

You'll see fairydiddles there, those little red squirrels with the huge eyes, and ferns, mushrooms and more. but it's mostly the silence of the looming stones that is so gripping.

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