Saturday, March 2, 2024

Booth Time

46°f this morning, about 8°C. Cloudy and chilly-damp.

Yesterday was booth work, and we ended the day at WV Artisan Market to listen to a couple young musicians who turned out to be surprisingly good. Very good voices, and wonder of wonders, clear enough to understand all the words--and almost all their material is original. We will be watching for more performances by Dalchord. Here is a clip of one song.

So that was a fun way to unwind. And here is a look at the booths. First is the one closest to home.
I really like these old chairs. 

Two Shawnee Pottery "rocking pig" planters.

A wall-mounted coffee grinder.

Going for a springtime vibe here.

 I did not see the repair on this lovely lady when I bought her. Her head and upper arm were glued back pretty nicely, but still. 

Tbe bottom shelf holds Cat's Meow painted wood pieces. Apparently there are people who collect these. I found these pieces in Amish country and they reflect that area.

And in our booths at Ravenswood, we added this cabinet last week, after I repainted it. We brought in the sausage stuff on the floor in front of it yesterday.

Another one goes on layaway! We have had this in the booth for 2 years and were beginning to consider bringing it home to use in the bedroom, but I am much happier to see it find a home elsewhere.

We have had this kettle a while, and I thought it would sell quickly as it is marked Marietta, Ohio, just up the river. 

Two end tables I finished this week. One had flaws on the top that I could not correct, so I priced them low. Under the one on the right is  nice copper kettle.

I moved this stand to be more visible. The pictures on the wall above it are handpainted oils. Odd, but maybe someone will like them.

In the "man booth" area, as we call it.

We moved the dresser to the spot where the metal cabinet was thst sold last week.

Odds and ends.
Thats about it for this week's changes. Time to get back to the paints!

Friday, March 1, 2024

Happy March!

30°f this morning, or -1°C. Hazy, thin clouds, rain expected late afternoon.

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, friends! 

We made it through to March and the first signs of Spring in our region. Larry will fire up the rototiller soon and get it ready to work. He picked up onion sets Monday, so I am chomping at the bit to get them planted. 

I will not be starting as many plants in the little greenhouses this year. After disappointing results with our tomatoes last year, I decided to buy plants this year, and not plant as many since we get free tomatoes from a friend and there is no sense in having so many plants here to care for. 

We will be picking up the first of many bags of mulch soon. We used to buy it by the pickup load, but find it easier on our old bodies these days to buy it in bags. I am cautiously optimistic that most of my perennial plants seem to have made it through the winter so far, even the rosemary, sage, and lavender, which do not survive most years. Our temperature fluctuations in winter these days just seem to kill these plants off, sadly. They used to be fine, and I once had some of all three that were 10 years old. Then our winters got weird.

I am excited that our friend Jeff is thinking to raise a hog this year and wants us to get one too, to raise with his. We did this a couple time before with him...we buy feed, and care for them whenever needed, he does the raising, then he and Larry do the butchering. We take the hams and bacon to a slaughterhouse to be cured and smoked. 

I have been continuing work on sorting out my eBay room. What. a. JOB. But progress is being made, and I think next week we should be able to move out the big desk and replace it with a smaller table, and also remove one set of shelves. I hope, anyway. We shall see how it goes.

Last week we stopped in to our local Goodwill, and I found a lot of these dishes. 

Some of you may recognize them as Franciscan's Desert Rose. We had a set, given to us by my Dad's mother, when I was a child. We only used them for special occasions, but even so, after a few years many were broken or chipped until at last all that were left were the cream and sugar bowl and a few plates, I think. They were so pretty, and I loved them. But these days, I prefer my mismatched dinnerware, so I bought these to sell. And sell they have! Out of a dozen dinner plates, 3 bowls, and 7 small plates, two days after listing them on eBay I have just 2 dinner plates and 3 small plates left. And grossed about 10 times what I paid. Apparently this pattern is still very popular. Who knew? I was kicking myself for buying them because I am trying to not buy anything else to list on eBay as I am trying hard to reduce my backlog of inventory,  but thankfully my instinct to buy these was right. Whew.

Today is booth day. The van is loaded and we will head out soon. I am pretty much recovered from that bug I had, but am glad that we don't have a great deal to do today.

Well, that's all the news that isn't,  as they used to say on Prairie Home Companion (I miss that radio show!). Enjoy your day, friends!

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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Leap Day

54°f, 12°C this morning, thunder, lightning, heavy rain, wind. March is coming in like a lion.

Too much water! The rain came down so heavily it overflowed the culvert and raced down our drive and all over the place. Flood warnings are in effect and I bet low-lying areas will be affected. 

Grace is on Day 2 of testing the last day of the bar exam. I am sending good energy and vibes her way. Today, I understand, it is all multiple choice, while yesterday was essays. I am not sure which I would prefer. 

It has been years since I took a test. I was a good test taker, probably because I learned excellent study skills from the nuns. Those skills served me well in storytelling too. I am completely happy that those days of studying are behind me, and I can just read for pleasure now. 

Speaking of which, one thing I read most days is The Book of Days by Kay and Marshall Lee. My copy, which is water-damaged, was illustrated by Kate Greenway. It is an eclectic collection of stories, legends, facts, and odd tidbits, following the year day by day. The book starts the year, interestingly, on March 1.

So for tomorrow, the story is about St. Brigid of Ireland. 

   Brigid, from the website Christian Iconography

Brigid complained to St. Patrick that it was unfair that women could not propose marriage to men. To quiet her, Patrick decreed that women could make proposals only on Leap Day. So next Leap Day, Brigid proposed to Patrick. He refused her, but to soften the blow he gave her a silk gown. Which led to a custom held for many years, that if a woman proposed to a man on Leap Day and he turned her down, he was required to give her a silk dress. Personally, I think some very clever woman made up the story, and her sisters benefited! 

And did you know, Leap Day comes on Sunday only 13 times every 400 years?  Next time it will fall on Sunday will be in 2032.  Thursdays, like this year, also happen 13 times within the same cycle.

I am feeling much better today. That bug seems to have just about run its course, thank goodness. On this rainy day, I think I will work on ebay stuff---listing, and working on the big cleanout in my ebay room. I am making progress although probably no one can tell but me. Onward!

Copyright Susanna Holstein. All rights reserved. No Republication or Redistribution Allowed without attribution to Susanna Holstein.
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