Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Soup and Ice

22 this morning but warmed up now to about 30. Overcast. We had more light snow yesterday afternoon.

We are still snowed in, but busy as can be. The tractor wouldn't start, of course. Diesels are so finicky in cold weather.  But our son came over and helped start it just now so maybe Larry can clear our road. We shall see. Tbe snow is quite deep, about 11 inches now, and it's a heavy wet snow so will not be easy to shift.

Meanwhile, inspired by Sue at A Simpler Life blog, I decided to clean out the veggie drawers in the fridge.  Amazing what was in there: cherry tomatoes, part of a head of cabbage from New Years,  part of a cauliflower from Christmas, wilted celery, the last of our leeks except a few still in the garden,  an onion.  I added some potatoes, and some squash and carrots from the freezer along with bay leaves, garlic, Worchestershire sauce, beef bullion, salt, black and red pepper. It's already smelling delicious. I think I will puree this like the Irish soups we had overseas.

My house is absolutely littered right now with furniture projects and stuff to go to our booths. I suppose it's a good thing but I am feeling claustrophobic! These two long tables are done and ready to go as soon as we can get out.

Then there are these, along with things to price, dropcloths etc in the log room. I cannot wait to get these done and get my room back again. The workroom where I usually paint is taken up with a piece Larry has been working on and of course all the furniture in line to be worked on. It's a struggle to keep it all under control, I can tell you.

Ebay sales have been good too, perhaps because people are snowed in? But getting packages to the mailbox is next to impossible without the road being cleared. Fortunately Larry and Derek got the tractor going as I was writing this post and Larry has already got to work on clearing the snow.

So onward we go. I have no need to go out and the State hasn't yet plowed our ridge road which Derek reported as being very slick so home is the best place to be, for sure.

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Monday, January 17, 2022

A Little Snow

21, overcast with light snow falling. Full moon was hidden from view last night.

After an all-day wait for the storm to arrive, we finally got freezing rain starting around 4, then the snow arrived around 8pm. And snowed all night. So this is what it looks like this morning: 


Earlier, just at daybreak:

From the kitchen window: 

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Not Much

27 this morning, overcast.

So, we are waiting for the arrival of the storm. Who knows what we will get? Predictions have been all over the map, literally. Depending on when, where and how the storm hits, we could get sleet, freezing rain--please God, not that--or 3" to 10" of snow. Or combinations of all the above.

We are ready. As we usually are, given where we live and how often the power goes off. Plenty of food in cellar and freezer, water stored away, gas for the generator and oil for the lamps. I am ordering a camping toilet today, too late for this storm but it will be handy in future as one of the aggravations of power outages is losing power to the well pump, so no running water. The camping toilet will come in handy for future emergencies, and also later this month when we will be replacing our toilet, and doing a new floor in the bathroom at the same time.

No real news from here. I got my canning completed that was on my to-do list, beans and bean soup, and have been steadily working on painting furniture. Two pieces are done, a third is almost there. Larry has been working on furniture too, as well as cutting up a tree that fell last week. It's been cold weather, not great for being outdoors although I did go out for a bit yesterday to gather up kindling for the fireplace.

Dinner last night was liver in tomato sauce, one of our favorites. I know most people hate liver, but cooked right it's delicious. It's so nice to have such variety of meats in the freezer, everything from trout to venison, turkey, ham, pork chops and roasts, even some rabbit and squirrel. Our middle son has the flu or possibly Omicron right now so we took over one of the quiche I made last week, along with eggs, some canned soups, and some frozen stuffed peppers, along with tomato juice, cider and both DayQuil and NyQuil to ease his symptoms. He reports feeling much better already, thank goodness. We dropped off a box full on his porch, not daring to get too close.

Of course, if he needed me, I would be there with bells on--and double masks and gloves. Because that's what we do, isn't it, when our kids need us. No matter how old they are, if they need help, we go. These viruses make it so much more worrisome and stressful, but if doctors and nurses can do it, so can I--and probably almost every other parent in the world. 

Today I've been listing eBay and now I am off to the paints again. And watching the windows for the snow, if and when it ever comes.

Copyright Susanna Holstein. All rights reserved. No Republication or Redistribution Allowed without attribution to Susanna Holstein.
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