Sunday, July 21, 2024

Of Tunnels and Bridges

The above photo was taken a few years ago when I was researching the story of a haunted railroad tunnel (Silver Run tunnel on the North Bend Rail Trail). I came across this picture today, and thought I would do a post of some of the  photos I have taken of tunnels and bridges. Apparently I have a fascination with them,  for I found many in my folders. 

Portal to the Silver Run tunnel.

Below is Dingess tunnel in Mingo County, WV. 

From the Bridges and Tunnels website.

It is about a mile long and still in use as a local road. It is only one lane wide. There are traffic lights on each end to keep people from meeting in the middle, but the night we went through  (a story in itself) the lights had been shot out, and sure enough we met someone in the middle. He backed up, a whole 1/2 mile.

Next is the Great Bend tunnel, right next to the Big Bend tunnel of John Henry fame. This is in Southern West Virginia but I can't remember the county now. Maybe Mercer? When I visited this one it was misting rain, and someone was pounding on steel-- turned out to be a guy at a trailer hidden behind trees, trying to get a tire off a wheel rim. 

And the man himself, a beautiful metal sculpture that has been moved to be beside the tunnels. The area is now a park, and there is an annual John Henry Festival every summer.

A covered bridge here in my county, this one was on the mail route I worked as a sub in the early 80s. It was a great place to stop and eat lunch.  Literally no traffic most days. 

Another in Greenbrier County, the Hern Bridge, not too far from the famous resort.

The two-lane covered bridge in Philippi, WV. 

I cannot remember where we were when I took this, but apparently we were under a railroad trestle.

My favorite footbridge, which crosses the North Fork of the Cherry River in Nicholas County.

This is a drivable bridge, crossing over to Middle Island Creek Nature Preserve in St. Mary's, WV. The island is quite a few miles long, and a good place for bird watching or just enjoying the green quiet. 

Looking down from a bridge over the mighty New River, near Fall's View, WV.

Larry's favorite footbridge is this one over the Big Coal River, one he crossed many times as a boy. One side is Kanawha County, the other side is Boone County.

Located in Wirt County. I wanted to walk across but there was a No Trespassing sign, so I did not.

A dear, departed bridge, this old steel structure is the one I used to cross to get to my friend Kirk's camp,  where we poets gather. We were all so sad when the bridge was replaced by a bland concrete structure. Fondly remembered as "the blue bridge".

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Morning Garden

68°f, about 19°C, a few clouds but it will be yet another hot day, with a high of 88 predicted.

The Naked Ladies, aka Magic Lilies, are a true delight this year. Protected by the purple chair, I hope, from our dogs' wrestling matches, which have flattened a few things. Can't wait for these two boys to get older and a bit slower!

I am worn down by this continued heat. Are you feeling it too? And the three-month forecast by NOAA predicts a hotter than usual Fall. When I read that, I swear my body just drooped. I never wanted to live in the South, for exactly this reason: it's just too hot down there. And yet here we are, living through a southern summer. They need to keep it down there! 

But no sense complaining, right? It is what it is. Kinda broke my heart, though, to see my rosemary that had come through winter in fine shape,  just up and die on that 97-degree day. That is just sad. I did plant another one a few weeks ago, and am trying hard to keep it alive, along with the other new herb plants. 

So this morning I was out in my nightgown, watering again. It's a good thing we live so far from neighbors! I tried to take heart from the things that are still holding on, stull sending up beautiful blooms, almost as if to spite the heat. 


More Magic Lilies. I usually forget where I planted them, so they live up to their other moniker, Surprise Lilies. I planted them at least 25 years ago. So faithful, they are.

You can't really tell from the photo, but this is one of those wire deer people put out at Christmas.  I have this idea to grow ivy on it and make it a sort of topiary. The ivy has hardly grown at all this summer, and the dogs have not helped. But maybe next summer I will see progress?

 You can see a bit of the dig barricade we erected to protect the herb garden after the dogs pretty much destroyed it. We used garden netting, chicken wire, and these two ornate pieces of metal given to us by a friend. It has worked well. It wasn't our best idea to get a second young dog in the middle of summer! But there he was, needing a home or going to the shelter, and we knew we had to get another dog soon. So I did expect my gardens to suffer through this year. By next year they will have settled down a bit, and I will have protection in place around vulnerable areas! And both dogs will be invaluable in keeping wild critters at bay. Indeed, they are already doing that job pretty well.

My favorite hydrangea. I can't recall its name, but it has such lovely flowers. It too is suffering from the heat and lack of rain. But still put out a few blooms.

The upper flower garden looks greener in the photo than it actually is.

I dead-headed the geranium after the photo, but wanted to show you the three-legged cast iron dog. A friend was going to toss him out, but i think he has a place in my garden.

Ending with this spill of bindweed flowers, blooming on the bank behind the house. I hate it in my flowerbeds, but how pretty it is!

Have a good weekend, friends. Pray for rain, and stay cool!

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Friday, July 19, 2024

C is for Carrots

Dinner last night was turkey and noodles, made from the turkey I roasted the other day (not my best idea when it was 95° outside), and the bone broth simmered overnight. Added noodles and sautéed celery and onions, seasonings, and done.

The honey-glazed carrots and broccoli were from this recipe.  Delicious,  and will definitely make again. 

Copyright Susanna Holstein. All rights reserved. No Republication or Redistribution Allowed without attribution to Susanna Holstein.
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