Saturday, April 3, 2010


We heard whippoorwills last night! A sure sign that freezing weather is past. What music for a soft Spring evening. The redwing blackbirds have returned too. I think we'll put some beans in and take a chance on an early crop.

The whippoorwill reminded me of this poem I wrote three years ago:

listen to the whippoorwill
calling in the green soft night
alone in some deep hollow
he calls out for his love

listen to his music echo
from mountainside to sky
a lovelorn ballad from long past
singing in his blood each spring

hear his song and feel the yearning
of heart to heart, song to song
as far off in the quiet distance
an answer calls in faint reply

hear her voice lift and tremble
in dark and scented air
hear his quick and hopeful singing
calling her, calling her, to his side

listen to the whippoorwill
he brings the song of spring
hear his music in your heart
sing along with him


Country Whispers said...

I read your post earlier and then decided to go ahead and plant some beans too! Might as well try. If they do well then we'll still have time to replant a second crop before the season is over.

I sure hope the frost is gone. This wonderful warm weather that we have been having is sure spoiling us.
Hope you all have a great Easter!

Granny Sue said...

Keep us posted on how your beans are doing, Jessica. And Happy Easter to you and your family too!

First50 said...

"a lovelorn ballad from long past
singing in his blood each spring"

lovely, just lovely.

Susan at Stony River said...

Congratulations on your whippoorwhills! I've been watching the weather forecasts for WV and am turning green with envy... still cold and rainy here.

Robbyn said...

Oh you've brought one of my best childhood memories back to me! I love the sound of the whippoorwills and just heard two calling back and forth the other night outside. It always evokes those steamy Mississippi evenings at my grandparents' where we slept with the windows raised and white sheets pulled out of the old cedar chest and still scented from storage there...and the whippoorwills calling out, leaves of the big oak tree rustling in the breeze. Best treasure, ever.

Nance said...

have not yet heard the echoing call of the Whippoorwill here in Iowa. Imagine they will be out in full force in Mo, tho, this weekend. Himself, the betterhalf, might hear them this weekend. I will be in NOLA. Lousianna, With three daughters.

Twisted Fencepost said...

They're singing down here, too. I was listening to them just a little while ago. They always stop me in my tracks. Wish I could hear them from inside and they could sing me to sleep each night, like the one outside my window in the last house I lived in WV. I miss that night bird.

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