Saturday, April 20, 2019

Other Changes at Our Riverbend Booths

In addition to opening a new booth, we added new things to our other spaces at Riverbend:

I bought the telephone for a Christmas storytelling program but never used it for that purpose, so into the booth it went today--to be displayed on the vintage telephone table I painted a few weeks ago.

Oddly enough, I sold a punch set just like this one a few weeks ago in Marietta. I was surprised to find another so soon. LE Smith Moon & Stars pattern.

We brought in the green metal chair, and the square walnut table and pitcher and bowl set too.

And added a fe more pieces of Pyrex,

a wood homemade ironing board...

the little green dresser, a mirror and two stunning lamps (one is damaged but I love it anyway). I replaced the light sockets and plugs on these all by myself  😊 My electrician father would have been proud!

Also added this silverplate dresser set.

A better look at one of those pretty lamps.

I forgot to get a photo of the pretty enamel-topped table in this picture--it has the neatest design on its top.

I added a few more teacups to the tea table--I'll probably change this display out to something else soon.

And added the cowboy wall art--not old, just cool.

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1 comment:

AZDave said...

As a old coot who worked in the phone industry,I would have snatched that desk
phone up to add to my collection. Oh well, hope somebody bought it.

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