Sunday, October 20, 2019

A Friends and Family Kind of Day

Yesterday was a full day from start to finish.

We started with a birthday party for great-grand-daughter Cami, who will be 4 on Tuesday. What a sweet little girl she is! Cami met us as we pulled in--she was barefoot on gravel! And saw no need for shoes. She loves to do cheerleading and gave us all a show of her talents. She also loves pigs for some reason so her grandma made her this cake. Isn't it cute?

We left that party for yet another birthday: our great-grandson Ryland turned one year old. He seemed amazed at all the fuss and noise, but loved his cake and his presents.

Then we needed to do a little shopping, got home for a quick rest, and were out again for the community center's baked steak dinner, an event that happens about 4 times a year but which we always seem to miss due to schedule conflicts. This time we made it, and had a nice time seeing many neighbors. Three opportunities for cake in one day! I had one tiny piece and Larry was so good he had none.

After the dinner we went back into town for a play by the local theater group, the Jackson County Players. This time they offered Blythe Spirit, and it was fantastic. It had to take a lot of practice and planning for the special effects. The actors were perfect. What a good time, so funny.

When we got home it was close to 11pm, and Larry headed to bed after lighting the fireplace for me. I stayed up a while, had a glass of wine and read some poetry by the fire, just unwinding. Here again, I was with friends as I found works by my poet friends Sherrell, Kirk, and Cheryl included in the anthology I was reading, What Lies Beyond the Frame, a collection from the Bridgeport International Poetry Festival.

It was an altogether good day, one just filled with what's best and most important in life: the people we love.

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Jenny said...

Grandbabies & parties. There is nothing better than the two combined.

My husband is taking off work this week & we plan to take our grandson on a picnic one day & hiking a trail on another the regular fun work & play we always do with him around home. We'll be celebrating his second birthday in another week.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Oh my! That's a lot packed into one day - I'd need a day to wind down. Cute cake! -Jenn

Susanne said...

Family and friends, cakes and steak and wine too. What a lovely day you had. And that pig cake is adorable - kudos to the baker/decorator!

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