Monday, October 14, 2019

Looking Back at the Ghost Walk

This weekend was our annual Ripley's Do you Believe? Ghost Walk, and it was a blast. About 100 people came out over the 2 nights of the walk.

Here's a look at how it went. All photos are by Doug Torres.

Starting out on the courthouse steps,

meeting up with the sheriff who conducted the last public hanging in West Virginia,

telling tales of downtown ghosts,

a visit from a restless stonemason who fell to his death building this courthouse,

a story about a child's unmarked grave,

tales of Civil War deaths,

a grieving mother tells us about the loss of her son,

and the lone survivor after a grisly murder that took her mother and two siblings. 

On our way to the Old Settlers Cemetery, more stories, and an eerie visit from a long-dead preacher.

It was a great weekend of spooky tales! I owe a debt of gratitude to the Jackson County Players for helpng out, and to my long-suffering husband for taking on two roles. And especially to the Ripley Convention and Visitors Bureau and to all the people who helped, or came to walk with me and hear the stories of our unique little town.

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Brig said...

I hope someone videoed it so those of us too far away can enjoy it as well.

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