Monday, March 30, 2020

Covid Journal, Day 16: Garden Walk

52 this morning, with a light breeze and a few clouds. Yesterday was so windy! A day to stay out of the woods as branches were crashing down. The sky was filled with big puffy clouds and plenty of sunshine. The soil should be dry enough to get started planting today. We'll see if that happens.

I took the camera for a walkabout the other day and took a few photos of what's blooming or greening up.

The lettuce has grown amazingly since this photo. It's just about ready to start picking now, as are the green onions.

The peach and pear trees are almost finished their bloom now; the apples haven't dared yet.

The row of daffodils are where I once had a long herbaceous border. It was so beautiful, and somehow I never took a photo of it. There were at least 50 varieties of bearded iris, wormwood, coreopsis, phlox, oregano, roses, lavender, more plants than I can name. But when I started working and then going to college and working (and with a one-year-old to boot), I did not have time to care for it and now all that is left is the memory and the daffodils.

Periwinkle, or as some call it graveyard vine, has been blooming better than it has in years. It's called graveyard vine because in older times people often planted it on graves because it was evergreen.

Weird angles in this photo!

The virus continues its spread, and more and more people are finding ways to enjoy life's simple pleasures as we all try to wait this out. Gardens may come back in style, walking may become a habit, writing and staying in touch with friends better all may become part of our normal life after this threat is over. Meantime, stay safe, my friends, and keep finding the peace in simple things.

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  1. What a lovely view of your home and grounds. Here in Northern Indiana, daffodils are just budding out, but you can feel that quickening in the air. It won't be long now.

  2. Ahhhhh, a picture of your home!

    And with so much land. You are so lucky.

    Things are certainly greening up down there.

    Yes, the pandemic waves keep coming.

    But in places, people are NOT paying attention. "BRAIN DEAD" people!!!!!!! It is soooooo frustrating. For those of us, who are following the logical Rules. -sigh-

    But will they be blamed????? Oh no! Just the government will be blamed.

    A blogger I read, lives on an island off the coast of Greece. They are under law, to stay in their homes. It sounds so un-American, to have to do this. But it also sounds, quite WISE. -sigh-

    Please stay calm,
    and carry on.

  3. It was the same windy weather here in KY, yesterday. I did a garden project inspired by Roots and Refuge Farm on youtube and heavy rains made a mess of my area last week. *sigh* Glad I have time on my hands to fix it. Your area is looking much like mine. Our pear trees are really blooming out and a new willow tree we planted last season is looking very healthy.

  4. Thank you for the tour, you have a beautiful place.
    Might be because I'm older, but the things people are rediscovering how to do, many of us have been doing all along.

  5. I've been admiring my periwinkle this year. Good to know it's not my imagination. I told my daughter nature must have known I would need a pretty flower to look at out my window.

  6. Lovely to see your garden, it is much bigger than mine which is a postage stamp compared to yours but I am glad of it at this time!


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