Thursday, March 4, 2021

Covid Journal, Day 351: The Strangest Things

29 and clear again this morning, another full day of sunshine. Feels like a blessing on my skin.

I am always surprised by what people buy from me on eBay, even though I select and list the stuff. I shouldn't be surprised, right? But I am, on a pretty regular basis. Here's a few things that sold recently, as cases in point:

Okay, to me this is just weird, almost ugly but with a certain perkiness that caught my eye. I listed it for 39.99, and it sold in hours. Made of ceramic, possibly a ceramics class project, this little lamp looked pretty cool when lit up. 

Almost looks like a UFO, doesn't it?

Another ugly lamp, at least to my taste, but I bought it quickly because I felt pretty sure that someone would think this TV lamp was the bomb. I was right. Sold in a week for 39.99. I have been selling quite a few lamps and lamp parts, actually.

Gauges--I knew nothing about them, but sold them to a Steampunker who was thrilled with them. 

Another steampunk sale was this huge and heavy glass lens. it was scratched and chipped, which is how I described it. Another happy buyer.

I loved this phone--so cool. But I didn't have the power cord so couldn't test it. Apparently that didn't matter to the buyer, who wrote to tell me how much they loved it. Maybe they had the necessary cords.

More lighting parts--an antique brass ceiling fixture with no parts except what you see here. Sold in an hour or two for 9.99.
Yes, plastic mistletoe. Actually, the vintage plastic Christmas decor sells well. Tacky? Well yes. But with that midcentury charm that so many like.

That's just a few of the things that surprised me. Vintage nightgowns sold really fast--I listed a dozen and 2 weeks later have 2 left. It's why I enjoy doing what I do, and why I rely on my instinct and not my personal taste when I'm buying for resale. 

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  1. All interesting items! lol and I have a piece of the vintage mistletoe and the grandchildren look for it every Christmas!

  2. I have that vintage mistletoe, too. I hang it up every year, and yes, the boys look for it!


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