Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Good Days

53 and clear. A beautiful day on tap.

Early morning view.

The apple trees have quite a crop on this, so with any luck we'll have a nice harvest this fall. 

We had a fun evening by the firepit last night, talking and watching the fire, catching up on news of the past few years with our friends. 

Today I will be working at the antique mall, volunteering while the owner gets to some long-waiting projects. I enjoy doing this so it's not like work. My visiting friend Nancy will go with me, so should be a fun day.

The guys will finish up getting Don and Nancy's things back to their cabin. And deal with the load of rock being delivered today. Then this evening, cookout with son Derek, our friends, and probably Derek's daughter Hannah. A full day ahead, and a good one, I think.

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