Thursday, June 24, 2021

Good Morning

65 and clear, beautiful morning. 

Daisy came up to say hello--I think she's missing us as we've been so busy and in and out the last few days. She is shedding so much that clouds of hair fly up whenever we pet her. But such a good dog, always on duty and watching for any "invaders". Otis the black Lab is still asleep, but he is doing well although showing his age. He's 13 this year.

I wanted to share some new photos from our booth, since we've made more changes at Riverbend as furniture continues to sell well.

Here's the new table and chairs we brought in last week to replace the set that sold.

I thought the twig plant stand would sell quickly but no takers so far.

The new shelves are working well, and attracting buyers.

I do love these little children's chairs. So cute.

A  large bird cage on a stand is a new addition to the booth.

Lamps. Lots of lamps. How did I end up with so many? Hoping to sell a few from this display.

And globes. Seems like we won't see any good ones, then we come upon several at once.

The big barrel churn was, surprisingly, an eBay find.

The display window, looking in from outside.

A new shelf, added yesterday. I painted it a Colonial blue chalk paint, and covered the back with blue-ticking-striped wallpaper.

Plenty of rolling pins of all sizes, some handmade.

I have to figure out why the top of this typewriter won't stay shut. Any ideas? It was taped down and silly me pulled off the tape AFTER buying it.

Mid-century chrome was a good seller once but seems to have slowed down.

Don't you love this well-worn youth chair? 

Not much change here, just a few additions.

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  1. I was looking forward to this post Sue. What an amazing collection, love your many beautiful arrangements.


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