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Granny Sue's storytelling CDs! 

Stories of ghosts, romance, humor, history and memories--along with old mountain ballads and even a few poems.

Buy them easily through Paypal! Some are available on Amazon too. And you can always buy directly from me. Just email me at for payment and shipping details.


Mountain Story, Mountain Song: my first CD is currently available on AmazonThis one includes my most popular story, The Headless Woman of Brier Creek, as well my personal favorite, Gracie's Cabin, which is a story I wrote based on the name of a road. Also includes several ballads.


Beyond the Grave: Ghost Stories and Ballads from the Mountains includes West Virginia's most famous ghost, The Greenbrier Ghost, along with several other lesser-known stories like The Holly River Ghost, and a few ballads.

is available directly from me,

or from Amazon on CD or streaming.
Beyond the Grave II : More Ghost Stories from West Virginia. Includes 10 of my favorite stories. Includes some popular stories like The Last Public Hanging, and lesser-known tales like Ikie's Tomb. Like my first ghost stories CD, all are stories from West Virginia I've collected and researched over the past 20 years.

is available directly from me via Paypal:


Idy Mae's Full Moon: and other stories and songs by Granny Sue was a fun project. It includes stories from my husband's childhood growing up in a West Virginia coal camp, a story from my childhood, and an Appalachian Jack tale, along with a couple songs. I call this CD my "family friendly" one--no scary stuff!

Idy Mae is available directly from me via Paypal:

This CD can also be bought on cdbaby and via streaming on Amazon.



I am a short story writer and poet as well as a storyteller. Each of the following anthologies includes one of my stories or poems.

Easter Lilies: An Appalachia-Inspired Short Story Collection includes my story, The Old Cupboard, which was inspired by an old cabinet we bought and repaired.

Available directly from me:


These Haunted Hills: A Collection of Short Stories includes one of my ghost stories.


Unity: Coming Together, Falling Apart includes my story Fruitcakes, a true story of why my sisters and I gather each year to make these luscious, old-timey cakes. The book is filled with great stories and poetry by writers from across West Virginia. A powerful read in these contentious days.
Now Available!

Available directly from me via Paypal.


Fed From the Blade: Tales and Poems from the Mountains includes my poem Sago, about the West Virginia mine disaster of that name. This anthology includes writings by some of West Virginia's best authors. It's a pleasure to read, one of those books you have to stop and think a while as you read, just to savor the writing.

Fed from the Blade


Diner Stories: Off the Menu is a fine anthology based on the theme of--you guessed it--diners! My story, Love's Old Sweet Song, is included in this excellent collection.

One of My Stories in the Anthology!

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