Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mothman Festival Photos

Now my computer is fixed, I can post the photos I took at the Mothman Festival! Granddaughters Hannah and Haley and a scary friend.

Who is that lurking over my head?

The mural in progress:
topic is the history of
Point Pleasant.

A close-up of the mural, proving that they've been telling stories here for centuries.

One of the many Men in Black on the streets.

A coal barge passes near the site of the former Silver Bridge.

Larry finds concrete that probably was part of the bridge's foundation on the riverbank.

The names of those who died when the Silver Bridge collapsed in 1967.
It was a fun day, and yet there were tinges of sadness, reminders of the past always there. Point Pleasant is trying to move on, to learn to laugh again, and it's time. No one can forget the loss of life when the bridge went down, but the town is strong and the people honor their past while looking to the future. It's time for something good to happen in Point Pleasant. This quirky little festival might be just the thing the town needs.

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