Friday, September 21, 2007

Mothman! The Festival

(Photos are from the Mothman Lives! website--I'm still without internet so can't load my photos yet.)

What a blast! Most festivals in the mountains focus on arts, music and crafts.
The Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia has a different twist--and I do mean different.

Picture strange creatures, many in black, roaming the streets. Talks on the normality or the paranormal by scholarly sounding people.
Mothman pancakes (I had Fruity Mothman).
Mothman for President t-shirts.
Rock bands. Goth art.
Psychic readings and workshops.
Haunted House. Tours of the TNT Area, supposedly the sighting place of the legendary Mothman in 1962. T
hat will give you some idea of the Mothman Festival.

The creator of the mothman sculpture and his daughter. Replicas of the statue, cast in pewter, are being planned. If you'd like a Mothman at your house, contact:
Kelly Miller
PO Box 884
New Haven, WV 25265


Sculptures of Chief Cornstalk and someone I can't remember, in front of the huge mural being created along the floodwall in Point Pleasant. The Curse of Cornstalk is said to hang over this small town.

Looking toward the site of the famed Silver Bridge, which collapsed in 1967, killing 46 people.
Some blamed it on the curse laid on the area by Cornstalk.

This year's festival is over, but mark the weekend of September 19-20 on your calendar for next year for the next festival. It'll be the best fun you've had in a while!

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