Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend: Sutton and La Dolce Vita

(Part two of the weekend trilogy)

The Sutton Fall Festival was a bust. When we arrived about 1:30pm, nothing was going on downtown and shopkeepers were taking down displays. A parking lot full of trestles and boards indicated a flea market had vacated. We browsed the few used books for sale at the library, learned that "everything else is happening at the fairgrounds outside town" and didn't feel inclined to travel out there because it was now over 90 degrees and we were tired and hungry.

Not the bust I referred to above, but I liked this "parking meter" outside a sculptor's studio in downtown sutton. Different!

As we were driving away from the library, we spotted a new cafe, "La Dolce Vita," and decided to stop in--maybe they had good coffee!

It turns out that Saturday was the cafe's first day. Formerly the home of the Cafe Cimino (which recently moved to a larger location down the street and offers bed and breakfast), the new owners painted with rich warm colors, added art on display around the cafe, and created a simple menu of light meals and baked goods. There is a small stage and performances are planned (I left my card).

We had coffee, mine Italian and Larry's regular. I had spinach pie (tiny but delicious)and he had a half-bowl of chicken dumpling soup (huge bowl and absolutely wonderful, light and well-seasoned) and a ham and cheese sandwich (actually a wrap, small but sufficient with the soup).

We lingered; the ambiance was so warm and comfortable, we found ourselves in no hurry to leave. We bought a small loaf of sourdough bread to take home and finally headed out of town, regretting that we could not stay until 9 pm to hear the singing of Elaine Wine.

As we drove away, we wondered what to do next. It was 3:00 in the afternoon, and we were still not satisfied with our day's adventure. We traveled on to Sisters Antique mall, where we found an old coal mining textbook from 1920, a cloth miners cap from the turn of the century, a miners cup to add to the collection of mining items we've been building.

And that made me think of Sago. We were only an hour or so from the site of the mine tragedy that took a dozen lives. We turned the car north and east, and headed to Sago.

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