Sunday, October 7, 2007

National Storytelling Festival: Saturday Afternoon

My trusty camera failed me. I've taken hundreds of photos with it, but when I tried to phptograhp Mama Whaples telling in the swapping tent, the battery died and I had no replacements. Bummer! I ended up buying a throwaway camera to tide my over until we could find a battery--not easy because it uses the special lithium ones for digital cameras. I'm not complaining, mind--I can go for a month or two without buying a battery for it, never worrying about whether or not I need to charge them, etc. I just need to be sure to carry a spare.

So I did not get to take nearly as many photos as usual, and that was disappointing. But I did get one with Ellouise Schoettler, a great friend and storyteller who is also a busy blogger.

We visited the National Storytelling Network tent and met Rishi, a young storyteller who will soon be moving to Bluefield, West Virginia. Lunch was a bean supper at one of the local churches. We meandered back to the swapping tent and heard Jubal Creech drumming and rapping his way through a jazzy Night Before Christmas--great fun! By then it was hot, we were tired, so we headed back to Holly Haven for a nap.

BUT--I still needed camera batteries. So we decided to drive a few extra miles to Erwin, TN to see if there was a drug store there that stocked my batteries. We forgot that the Apple Festival was in full swing in Erwin! We ended up paying $5.00 just to run into Eckard's to get batteries. Bummer. Since we'd paid, we stayed a little while to listen to the bluegrass band performing across the street. Nice!

Then naptime. I took a quick picture of the view across from our room, just to be sure the camera worked, then sacked out.

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