Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tall Tales: Book Review

Meg could spin a tale with the best Liars Contest winners. The trouble was that she told these tales to people who believed the stories were true. Moving from place to place with an alcoholic father who kept the family stressed and secretive, Meg didn't really know how to make friends, and so she told fantastic tales.

But when she met Grace, she realized that her tale-spinning could come back to haunt her. As life at home became more difficult and dangerous, it also became harder to keep the family secret. Loving and hating her father, wishing to protect her mother and siblings, and all the while trying to convince herself and the kids at school that her life was normal and fascinating, Meg finally works herself into a corner.

This is a late elementary--early middle school book, but it's great reading for older readers too. The first book by author Karen Day, the immediacy of the Meg's predicaments ring with truth, pain, and hope. A fine story, well told.

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