Sunday, November 4, 2007

How I'm Spending Sunday Afternoon

Couch time, reading my first copy of Self-Rising Flowers, the new collection from Mountain Girl Press that includes my story, Yellow Roses. And catching up on Goldenseal and Storytelling
magazines. (The old bench in the foreground used to be one of two we used at the table when my sons were young. Then it moved outside and got pretty weathered. Now it's back in the house, serving a new role.)

Porch time, enjoying the crisp air and fall colors. They won't last long now, with temps in the 50's during the day and hard frosts at night. This view is looking up the driveway that curves around to the left of the photo and up the hill to the tall tree on the top right--about 1/4 mile, I think. Time to buy more gravel before winter comes.

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