Sunday, November 25, 2007

Snooze You Lose!

A lot of cooks in a small kitchen! The food all came out well, so the old adage was proved wrong. We were at Derek's house, because the WVU football game was going to be on at 3:30pm, and there's no TV at my house.

That's no lie when it comes to home cooking. Yesterday we celebrated Derek's return on leave from Iraq with our Thanksgiving dinner. I prepared some things the night before, green beans being one of them.

I know the current rage is those thin beans lightly sauteed with onions and peppers or something, the kind served at Chinese buffet restaurants. Those are okay (I think they're tough, to tell the truth), but not what I cook. I use our home-canned beans, cooked with a few pieces of bacon. Healthy? Probably not. Tasty? you bet!

After Clayton said grace, everyone started filling plates. We were hungry--dinner was at 3pm and we'd skipped lunch. By the time I got myself organized to get my dinner, the green beans were pretty much history, the mashed potatoes were seriously depleted and it was clear that leftover turkey wasn't going to be a problem. There was a lot of sweet potato-apple casserole left, however, and creanberry sauce, my favorite.
Happy guys watching the game. Easy to laugh with victory in the bag! Only youngest brother Tommy (still serving in the AF in Germany) was missing.

It's a joy to see everyone eating well, enjoying each other's company, and then watching our West Virginia Mountaineers storm to victory with a 66-21 win over UConn. I'm not a football fanatic, but it does every West Virginian's heart good to see this team doing so well, and looking at a run for the national championship.

As I said, snooze you lose. UConn snoozed and lost. I snoozed and almost missed out on dinner!


Tracy said...

Hi Granny Sue!
Thinking of you and how happy you must be to have Derek home, even if for a short time. I remember when my son Marcus came home for 2 weeks in the midst of his 13 month deployment. Does a mama's heart good. Stay stong...he will be back home with you soon.

Tracy ....oh...and yes...your way of cooking the green beans...thumbs up on that!!


Hi, Granny Sue - Love seeing the pictures of your family reunion for Thanksgiving! What a blessed time. Also - could almost taste your beans - that's the right way to cook green bean - unless, like my grand mother you simmer quarters of white potatoes with the beans - now THAT is some eating.

Granny Sue said...

Hi Tracy and Ellouise! It was a glorious time with the guys and the kids. And daughter-in-laws too, I've got some good ones.

Tracy, I know that you know how it is to welcome a son home from a war zone. Thank you for your encouraging words.

Ellouise, Larry just cooked some green beans this week with potatoes in them. You're right, that's the best, but I figured it would be overkill on Thanksgiving with mashed potatoes. Come to think of it, the guys probably would not have minded at all!

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