Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weekend Post 3: Bealeton Library

I don't know what I was telling, but it seemed to be working for Hope and a girl whose name I did not learn, but...

...she liked her part as the bear in "Sody Sallyratus."

Garrett and Cade were enchanted by Raccoon. Raccoon liked them too!

Big Blue Eyes--Nathan is distracted by the camera, but my sister Theresa and her grandchildren Hope and Garrett were all ears.

What a funny gig this was! It was a beautiful sunny day as I entered the library, and I'd noticed the parking lot was empty. My first clue.

The librarian was welcoming and told me her mother had been a professional storyteller in the Northern Virginia area some years ago. Jane Cardeen, perhaps? I wish I could remember the name.

As it turned out, the "crowd" was almost all family members! Many of my siblings and their children have not heard me tell, and this was a good opportunity since I was in their stomping grounds.

A few others trickled in, but this was basically a family storytelling session in every sense of the word. We had a great time. I chucked out my original plan to tell Jack stories because the majority of the children were under 4 years old, and went instead with highly participatory tales and the story bag (always a godsend to have on hand).

I missed my opportunity to arrange the space to better suit my needs so it was an awkward arrangement, but even so, the stories went well, and I think everyone enjoyed it.

And when it was over? Off to Theresa's in a caravan to make fruitcake! But that's another story.

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