Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Wishes

are shorter,
dawn is frosty
and the fire burns
bright and warm as we
huddle, sipping hot chocolate
remembering Christmases long past,
the faces and laughter that surrounded
our laden holiday tables--the twinkling tree,
the sparkling glass, the children who slept all
wrapped in sleeping bags , close together, and not
caring if the house was full to overflowing and no one
bothered about cleaning the dishes right after the meal.
We were together, sharing our stories and memories. It
was all that mattered on those happy past Christmas days.
To those who shared this glorious day with us in the past,
and those who will be guests at our board in the future
we wish the peace of the season,
the warmth of the fire
the comfort of home,
the love of family
the joy of friendship
and all that is good in this life.

--c2005 Susanna Holstein

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