Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Where's My Present?

(I posted this to Storytell, and then decided to share it here too)

My gift from Larry was not under the tree.

In fact, it's not even bought yet.

What I want is chickens--laying hens. I've had chickens for lamost all of the past 40 years, but for the past two months I've been chicken-less. Our hens got too old to lay and went to that great chicken house in the sky. We re-did the henhouse, bought new nestboxes, whitewashed the walls, spread lime, got everything ready.

But we still haven't bought any chickens. So when Larry asked me what I wanted for Christmas, the answer was easy: chickens. He wasn't surprised. Last year I asked for 10 tons of gravel for my parking place. I got tired of dodging the mud trying to get to work and still look professional when I got there (muddy shoes don't make the cut). The gravel has delighted me all year, and it should hold for another two years.

Chickens will last a while too--I can usually keep them laying for 5 years or longer. And it's a gift that keeps giving. Like the gravel.

Some people tell me I'm easy to please when it comes to gifts. But you try wrapping a chicken or a ton of gravel. My husband deserves sainthood.

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jaime said...

That's great! I got snow boots. I've not had a new pair of snowboots since I was a child. All through Jr. High and High School(I graduated 13 years ago) and all the way up to this last year I had a pair of boots my mom bought at a yard sale, wore a few years and then passed on to me. Last year I finally gave up and threw them away because of the large hole in the bottom of them. Aaron bought me a new pair this year. I don't think he quite realizes what that means to me. They are a really nice pair of insolated, no hole in the bottom, boots. I'd prefer a pair of snow boots to a diamond anyday.

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