Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fire! A One-Minute Story

It was embarrassing. John could look out his window and see smoke rising from his neighbor's chimneys, and smell the good cooking smells coming from their kitchens. But every morning it was the same thing at his house--no fire in the stove, no breakfast cooking. His wife stayed in bed until almost mid-day, and he went hungry and cold. (Of course, he could have fixed the fire and made his own breakfast, but he never thought of doing it!)

One morning John sat in the kitchen, thinking about how good it would be to have some sausage for breakfast. But his wife was still asleep. Then he had an idea.

Running out the door, he shouted, "Fire! Fire! Fire!"

His shouts woke his wife, who ran downstairs screaming, "Where? Where is the fire?"

"In everyone's kitchen but ours," John said.

A variation on an English tale.

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