Thursday, January 10, 2008

Etiquette for Animals

I can't remember what inspired this nonsense--probably watching cows in a field, chewing their cud.

Etiquette for Animals

There behold the glorious horse
who takes his meals
standing on four feet, of course

Everybody surely knows
when feeding fish
mix the meal in H20

Cats have class, unlike fishes,
they like their chow
on fine bone china dishes.

Milking cows take their sweet time
and ruminate
a divinely bovine dine

The dog, we know, has no couth
he’ll take his meals
while still running, on the hoof


Anonymous said...

James was playing one his math games which he is getting better at. "Dad, how long until I'm 10? Is it 4?" "Dad, how long until I am 25?" "19 years, James..." "Dad, how long until you are 61?" "27" I answered. 27? Holy Cow! 27? That is not very long... 27? That soon? 27? Good Lord, I gotta start taking better care of myself! 27?

Gotta go out and buy an impractical sports car and hang gold chains off my chest hair. Oh wait, I don't nearly enough body hair for that. Guess I am not that old yet... Better get in gear, though...

Thank you James for that rude awakening. Kinda like thrown icewater in a hot shower....


Anonymous said...

Oops, landed on the wrong blog. If you could please move this under the "bucket list". Not sure how I put it up here, but I surely did...


Granny Sue said...

Whoa. 27 years? but...for me, it's about 4 years! Perspective is everything. But you're right--gather your roses while ye may. So do the things you want to do now.

I have no complaints. I've had an interesting life, and I have enjoyed doing almost all the "accepted" things backwards. I got to be home with my boys for years before I started work, doing things I was so interested in. Now I work, but hey--now I'm old! at least while I was young I did things that I have always been glad I did. And there's still time to do more.

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