Thursday, January 3, 2008

Snowy Trip to Work, Snow Ice Cream

The drive to work (50 miles one way) was a snowy one today. It took a little longer as I snapped a few pictures (some out of the window as I drove--don't do this at home) along the way. This first one is of the road near the house. And below is Mount Hope Church, about a mile from my house. It was still fairly dark at 6:45 am when I took this one.

Further down Joe's Run, at the forks of the road, I tried to take a picture of the snowy road, but it's a lttle blurry. The lake is straight ahead and the road cuts off to the left and right. No treatment of any kind on our little one-lane road yet, even though the snow has been falling since New Year's Day.

Finally on the interstate and the snow began to fall in earnest. This was the scene all the way to work. My one-hour morning drive time has been almost doubled the past two days.

Still, I do love snow. I am enchanted at every turn by the beauty all around me. It's exquisite and I hate having to go inside my building and leave it behind.

And then of course, you can do things with snow--like snow ice cream!

We made it with my sons when they were young, back when ice cream of any sort was a luxury. Since we had a Jersey milk cow at the time, our snow ice cream was rich stuff. Today I make it with grandchildren when I get the chance and although it's not as good as the Jersey milk version, it's still a surprisingly good treat in mid-winter.

I know that many people worry about using snow because of the variety of oddities in the air we breathe these days. It's your decision, of course. Personally I feel that if I'm breathing it I'm probably getting the bad stuff anyway. I use snow from the tops of things--like the porch rail, a tabletop--anywhere the snow is pristine and undisturbed.

Here's how I make it:

Mix milk with sugar--quantities depend on your taste. I can't be specific, but I probably use 1 cup of sugar to a quart of milk. Add a lot of vanilla--maybe 2-3 tablespoons? Again, it's to your taste.

Then add snow. Mix it in quickly with a wooden spoon until the snow ice cream is to the thickness you want. It takes a LOT of snow! Probably a gallon of snow to a quart of milk, and the quantity varies depending on whether the snow is wet or dry.

That's it! It's so easy, and kids think it's magic. So do I, come to think of it!


Tiger Lady said...

We'll make that at your house. I don't trust the little kitties that pee in my yard. Not that I would use yellow snow, but still...

Angela said...

I will have to try the snow ice cream with the next big snow. My poor husband had a tooth that cracked into over the weekend. He had to have it pulled Monday and I bought him 3 different kinds of ice cream at the store! I'm also almost out of milk from a 9 year old boy who eats a lot of cereal! lol

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