Sunday, January 20, 2008

Three Interesting Places to Visit Online

Totally Optional Prompts provides weekly prompts for poets. Writers who want to participate read the prompt on Saturday night, then go to their own blogs to write a poem. Writers return to Totally Optional Prompts to post permalinks to blog pieces created for the prompt. It's an interesting concept; although I have yet to post anything, I am reading and enjoying the links to fine poetry. The comments on the prompts provide insight into how other writers perceive the suggested readings.

Epigrammar features very short works by Douglas Imbrognio of Charleston, WV. Sometimes biting, sometimes pointed but always hit to the heart of a topic with few words. is seeking people willing to call and read poems on voicemail. It's a neat idea--you can read your own or someone else's work.

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Anonymous said...

hi. i will prob visit this site again for help for a class. thanx

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