Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Weekend Gone Too Fast

Some weekends just don't go the way you plan--they go better.

We started out on Saturday with a hazy plan: go to town for breakfast and grocery shopping; come home and tidy up, then spend the evening working on a new program of ballads and storytelling with friends.

Chester's Store--what a place!

Part One (breakfast in town) went according to plan. We then moseyed over to Rachel's antique store to say hello and check out any new arrivals. As it turned out, our friends were at Rachel's, and in the course of browsing, decided to go to the mecca of junkers, Chester Bills' store in St. Mary's, OH. A mere hour's drive. We spent a long time looking and looking and looking, and left with a new item to add to the cabin-building display we're working on--a foot adze, complete with handle.

Dinner, and an hour's drive back to Ripley,coffee at the coffee shop, a little time online and the day was done. Not exactly as planned, but better.

Today was the day to work with Donna Wilson on the grant application for the Stories at the River's Edge festival. We figured we'd get the groceries we forgot about yesterday on our way home.

Our new festival got off to a good start last year, so this year Donna and I are planning to double the number of events and storytellers. We spent a good afternoon working on the grant--what I thought would take two hours turned into four because our conversation would ramble off into other facets of storytelling! And on the way home? Forgot the groceries again.

This evening I've been working on my next (long overdue) newsletter. There's a lot of news--the problem is what to put in, what to leave out and what to save for the next round.

The dogs decided to freshen up the atmosphere--they've treed a skunk, and as the song says, it's stinking to high heaven! Maybe I should add skunk stories and lore to the newsletter.

And maybe tomorrow on the way home from work I can get the groceries...

Time for bed!

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