Saturday, February 23, 2008

Captive Cattle and the Moveable Mask

Our travels last weekend:

In the parking lot at the grocery store, this pretty Jersey bull wasn't happy with his situation. His sad bellowing brought us to his side to offer some small consolation in the way of stroking. But his ultimate fate, I fear, was the weekly cattle auction.

At our friends' house, this strange masked creature observed all our activitues as we...

... loaded a large entertainment center to take to a another friend's house. You'll notice the lack of a coat--it was an unusually warm day, follwed by ice and snow soon after. We suffer for such small indulgences!

Yet another captive of the bovine type stared as we trundled along the highway past his pen. Poor fella--look at the mire he's expected to live in.

Over the river (that would be the Ohio River, whcih actully belongs to West Virginia) and through the town (that would be Middleport, Ohio) to Donna's house we traveled...

And there the Mask surfaced one more time, to the surprise of our friend.
A task completed, a journey ended, and one more day of fun, comedy, tragedy and adventure in our lives.

1 comment:

Tiger Lady said...

LOL! You guys have too much fun with that mask!

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