Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Junk in My Trunk

As a storyteller, I'm on the road a lot because most of my gigs are over 50 miles from home. As a librarian, I'm on the road a lot because my job is 50 miles away. As a mother and granny, I'm on the road a lot because my family are mostly over 150 miles away.

Each year I seem to log about 50, 000 miles. My little green car, my fifth Nissan, now has over 220,000 miles on it, and it's one in the line of five Nissans I've owned with similar mileage.

When you travel that much, you tend to have a survival kit of sorts in your vehicle all the time. Mine varies as to content and season, but here's a list of the current junk in my trunk (and glove box, and purse, and under the seats):

In my purse:
*my AAA card--a gift 3 years ago, a necessity now that my car has so many miles on it

*pen and journal because writing ideas and poems strike at any moment

*calendar because gigs can also come at any moment
*camera because great photos just happen anywhere

*eye drops, lip balm, small scissors, and a small tape measure because a cool piece of furniture might be standing in a junk shop window

*at least 3 pairs of reading glasses because I lose them constantly

*ibuprofen, claritin, Singulair, inhaler (darn it, but again you never know)

*a small puppet because you never know when a small child in line at a store might need something to brighten their day

*business cards (of course)

*and all the usual woman’s-purse stuff

In the trunk:
*a jack and handle (not always true--didn't have it for the last flat, and a long story ensued)
*a fully-inflated donut spare (those things can lose air so it's good to check them occasionally, as I learned the hard way--same long story)
*a heavy wool blanket, an old quilt and some large plastic trash bags
*neck pillow
*gloves--work ones
*rope AND duct tape (how can I be from West Virginia and not carry duct tape?)
*a small tool kit with sockets, pliers, screwdrivers, etc
*sometimes an ice-cream bucket of wood ashes: these are absolutely the best for getting you unstuck from snow or ice
*an old military trencher tool to dig out snow, or to dig up something interesting

In the glovebox:
*extra fuses
*a long magnetic reacher thingie with a light on the end. Very fun, and mighty handy when someone drops a bolt in the wrong place
*reading glasses (yep, another pair)


*ink pen
*cell phone charger is always plugged in—I use it daily
Under the seat:
*water bottles
*a BIG flashlight that can shed light or be a weapon if needed (a gift from one of my sons who worries about all the driving I do)

*road atlas


*ice scraper

That's my list. What junk do you carry in your trunk?


Anonymous said...

This one got my head working.

Lets see:


Tire chains,
Lug wrench,

Behind seat:

Tool that gets the spare down,
pack of gloves,

Back of truck:
Tractor wheel weights used for ballast.
Section of chain of unknown origin.

And there is this little lanyard thing on my rear view that I hang my wedding ring on when I am at work. That degloving thing flips me out!


Granny Sue said...

OK, but what about your car? Your truck is, well, weird, Chick! What does Jaime carry around with her?

fudgelady said... actually have sensible, useful stuff in your trunk!

I just have a lot of hand-me-down stuff from my parents' house that I don't have room for yet in my house. (Most of it is books I couldn't bear to see go out of the family -- as if I don't have enough jammed-full bookcases already! :-) )

BYRSTN said...

an atlas
2 umbrellas so that we don't have any in the house to use to get to the car
cough drops
Ingles gas card
mileage log
business cards
brochures for our friends'B&B
energy bars
a big flashlight
neck pillow
blanket we got with the Sirius radio
tire gauge
Tony's scooter is in the rear of the van
a box of Kiwanis info
the freezer bag to put perishables in after grocery shopping

And is all usually in an organized mess. LOL

first50 said...

I keep an ice scraper in there. Can't tell you how many times I've been the only person in a whole area who could clean a windshield when the world iced over.

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