Thursday, February 28, 2008

Snow Birds, Snowbirds, First Robins and One Sad Puppy

A leg up:

The feeders were full of visitors, yesterday. This is the newest feeder, and you'll notice it has a leg up on the others! The old shoe last provides support until i can get the feeder located where I want it. The birds seem to be just fine with it where it is, though. It looks like this cardinal is standing in line, waiting for the snowbird to finish.

Red, white and blue:

At the oldest feeder we have, A blue jay makes a crash landing on the snow-covered table while two doves eat, and the cardinal again waits his turn. poor fella! you'd think with his bright plumage he'd be more aggressive!

That's what it looks like this tufted titmouse is saying as she (or he?) peeks around the corner of a new feeder.

King of the, lamp post:
Chickadees are so comical. This little guy waited and waited for me to take his photo. I think they strike me as funny because that black head and neck look so formal and serious.

Poppa on the post:
A cardinal replaces the chickadee on the lamp. Maybe it's warm there? it seems to be a very popular hangout for our birds.

Snowbird on snow:
and on the lamp post! As I said, a hot spot (probably in more ways than one) for our birds.

One sad puppy:
Raven at the porch gate. She got in, of course. Who can resist that look? She can, if necessary, jump right over, but she knows she's not allowed on the porch unless invited so the only time she jumps it is when she feels that we've overlooked her obvious need to be with us.
Tigger, on the other hand, is too old and heavy to jump the gate so he has learned how to jiggle the chain and unlatch it. And we think we're smart!
On the fence:
Birds were lined up all morning, waiting their turn at the feeder or just hanging out to see what everyone else was doing. At one point, I counted 21 birds at this particular feeder--cardinals, sparrows, snowbirds, chickadees, a red-bellied woodpecker, a couple starlings (new to our farm this year), a nuthatch, and a few robins who looked sorely peeved to have arrived in the area on such a wild weather day.


Tiger Lady said...

What neat pictures! I can't wait to get my bird sanctuary started.

Granny Sue said...

You'll have a good one too, I bet. You should visit Julie Zickefoose's blog. She's a birder in the Marietta area and paints beautiful pictures of them. Look her up by name and you'll get to her blog. You'll love her dog blogs!

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