Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Sunday drive to Derek's house--on the way there, we spotted these two swans swimming peacefully on the lake that spreads for a good distance beside Gay Road. The Candian goose did not seem a bit perturbed at their presence.

As we left to head home, we were surprised at how much snow had fallen. Hannah pointed to the van parked in the drive. "Look! Wrinkled snow!" she said. And so it was.

Derek's barn. Thank goodness Aaron and Larry got the tin nailed back in place before winter. Derek was worried about that when he left for Iraq--a big windstorm blew the tin loose just before he left. Aaron never lets grass grow under his feet, and he took care of this pretty quickly. Larry's job was basically cheerleader on the ground, I think.
This barn is at least 100 years old and probably older. It's pegged together with wooden pegs instead of nails, and on the front there are stars cut into the peak. It's those little touches, done in a day when there wasn't much time for fun, that always touch my heart. Like little frills cut into a primitive cabinet, or a carefully constructed little washstand that you can see was built with whatever lumber was on hand--someone, probably a man, took the time to add those touches simply for the beauty of it.

On the way home we passed the place where we'd seen the swans. But now the snow was falling thickly and created a water-colored scene washed with the faint pink of the sun going down somewhere behind the snow. I think this photo shows better if you click on it and see the larger version. It looked surreal to me, just absolutely lovely.


Tiger Lady said...

I saved that picture of Derek's barn. It is an amazing picture. It would look nice framed.

Granny Sue said...

Thanks! It's a treasure, that barn. I think about all the cattle, chickens, and hay it's held over the years, and how much things have changed since those times.

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