Thursday, February 28, 2008

What Did I Do for my Storytelling Today?

So what did I do today? Hmmm...

*attended a meeting of the poetry society. There I discussed the upcoming WV Storytelling Institute and another member told me about a series of ballad chapbooks he published in the 70's. He promised to find them and let me read them.

*mailed out letters and information to ten schools in an area where I will be telling in April.

*contacted another storyteller to float the idea of a ghost stories concert in October.

*worked on the storytelling track for the WV Book Festival (part of my day job)

*agreed to be a performer for WVU Mountaineer Week in November

*got a package from eBay with a beautiful storytelling dress inside. eBay can be a great source for storyteller clothes. Favorite brands I look for: Holy Clothing, Sacred Threads, Donna Jessica and Nothing Matches, to name a few.

*Tonight, I'm checking Storytell, thinking about the discussion of comedy vs anecdote, traditional vs folktale, and checking the Professional Storyteller Forum to see what's up. I'll read a few storytellers' blogs and add this post to mine and then I'll be in bed by midnight, I hope, for another long day tomorrow.

(It would have been better to start this list yesterday, when I stayed home from work because of the snow. I spent a lot of time on storytelling then, but after 13 hours either on the road or at work or at the poetry meeting, there wasn't much extra time today.)


Sean said...

I find it very focusing to do my public daily picture blog at Congrats on doing this.

Granny Sue said...

I bet. Your blog provides a good snapshot of life as a full-time teller. As a part-timer, I find myself pulled in many directions at once; my blog helps me keep storytelling on the daily radar.

Granny Sue said...
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