Monday, March 31, 2008

The Bottle Bush Begins to Bloom

All the way from Idaho and my friend Batsy (she of the very-deep-snows) came this lovely blue bottle for my blue bottle bush.

I have six bottles now. I haven't been able to get out to the junk shops to search for more, but perhaps as yard sale season hits I'll find some that way. I'd like to start the bush with 10 or 12 bottles, preferably not all wine bottles because that would could give the wrong impression to visitors who don't know us well.

Batsy's package contained a surprise--this lovely tiny teapot. What a little treasure, so perfect for Spring.

If it wasn't so delicate it would go into my storybag (maybe for the story of the old lady who lived in a vinegar bottle, or ??? There are possibilities in stories for a charming tiny teapot).

I think it will live on my kitchen windowsill, where I can see it and be reminded of the good friend far away who sent it to me.


City Mouse said...

Gorgeous bottle! (I have a thing for blue bottles. Actually I have a thing for old bottles, and blue is my favorite color.) I have an antique crochet tablecloth almost identical to yours! I'll be sure to click to learn more about the lady in the vinegar bottle.

Granny Sue said...

Children are astounded to learn that someone could live in a bottle--until I explain to them that it's actually a kind of small cottage with a thatched roof and a chimney sticking out of the middle. It would look like the old vinegar jugs.

I love vintage textiles. Partly because the quality is usually so good, and partly because of knowing that hands once lovingly crafted it many years back. I'll bet your tablecloth is lovely.

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