Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Pig Tales

Pigs are more than cute--they are the basis for stories, songs, poems and folklore.

Music: a song collected by folklorist John Quincy Wolff that was part of a play-party game called Pig in the Parlor. In this same collection from the Ozarks is a fine banjo tune called Piggie in the Pen. The songs included in this collection are online and available for listening.

If you want to try something really different, try Song of Pig on YouTube by Chinese pop star Xiang Xiang . Wikipedia has the lyrics in both Chinese and English. I have to admit, I love it!

A less "clean" pig song is the Famous Pig Song about a fellow who has had too much to drink, and finds himself in strange company. Even weirder than the Famous Pig Song, is...are you ready... Pot-bellied Pigs singing Christmas carols. I kid you not.

Wikipedia lists many cultural references to pigs, and I was surprised when I read them to realize how many we use on a regular basis: in a pig's eye,for example, or when pigs fly.How about pigging out, or being a hog, or happy as a pig in mud? Lots more where those came from.

Who knew that pigs were Celts? Find Celtic mythology and lore about the wild boar at Trees for Life.

We all know the story of the Three Little Pigs, but there are several variants of the Disneyfied version most of us are familiar with at the Pitt e-text site. How about The Three Little Goslings, for example, or the Wolf and the Seven Young Kids?

The Pee Little Thrigs can be found online in many places and variations--try to tell it if you dare! I like this version best. The story is often attributed to the late Archie Campbell, and it's a great example of spoonerisms. Information about William Spooner, the father of spoonerisms, who coined many a twisted phrase in his lifetime, can be found at Fun With Words. I like to tell Rindercella, another well-known spoonerism story.

For librarians, teachers and daycare folks the Best Kids Book Site has a long list of children's picture books about pigs, craft activities, stories, songs, fingerplays and more.

Okay, reckon I'm pigged out. Hope I didn't boar you.

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