Monday, March 17, 2008

A Pig Tale

The pigs made it home--literally across the river (Ohio) and through the woods to the piglot at our house.

They traveled well in the dog crate, covered with a tarp to keep them warm in the back of the truck. The sun was bright but the air was chilly!

Out of the truck and onto the tractor for the rest of the trip.

I can only wonder what the pigs must have thought of their ride.

They aren't talking so I can only guess.

They settled in quickly, rooting around the lot fo acorns and other treats. The pigs were raised in a barn so the outside world is new to them. They took right to it, grubbing around
and exploring their new space.
Fetch, girl! A stick-carrying pig? You saw it here first!


MK Stover said...

We haven't raised a pig in years! We used to name them things like 'Supper' and 'Leftovers.'
I never was able to teach mine to play fetch, though.

Tiger Lady said...

Wow! You got the piggies!

Granny Sue said...

Yes, and they're so cute. They wouldn't eat the feed we bought for them you know how animals hate a change in feed) so I gave Larry the pancake syrup to lace it, and they loved it! Crazy little pigs. They're quite happy in their new home.

Marion K. said...

One year on the farm in Roane County (when I was a kid) there was a pig who would bring you a stick. Of course they all loved to have their backs scratched but that one really made it clear what she wanted! Good thing she didn't insist on our using the same stick that she had dredged up inside the pigpen....

I quit eating pigs sometime in the 80's. I just couldn't do it any more, although if you were to ask me for my favorite meat, my answer today would still be "bacon," followed closely by "ham." It just started to feel to me like eating a dog, so I quit. This is not a comment on anyone else's food choices, it was just what I had to do.

I think pigs are much more rewarding to interact with than cattle or chickens, although I know some folks seem to love their hens so much that they can see personalities in them, so I don't discount the possibility. Have fun with your porkers!


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