Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Make a Simple Applewood Wreath

When people think of making a wreath, they usually think of grapevine wreaths. Here is one my husband made about 10 years ago from the water sprouts on our apple tree. Water sprouts are the new branches that sprout along the trunk of the tree, and are usually pruned off because they affect the productivity of the tree.

BUT--they are also very flexible and can be easily woven into a wreath, as Larry did above. The method is the same as for making any wreath--simply twine the branches around each other in a circle until the wreath is the thickness and shape you want.

This wreath retained the red color of the sprouts nicely. Another one he made at the same time is also is great condition and still has a dark red tint. Both have hung inside, or on the porch over the years.

Applewood is considered to have magical properties in some folklore, and was used in Norse times to make wands, bows, etc. Celtic traditions holds that it can be used in fairy magic. My mother (an Englishwoman) said applewood symbolized fertility. I had the wreath over my bed at that point and thought best to move it! There is much apple lore and information here
and here and a whole book about it by Barrie E. Juniper (is that a real name?) called The Story of the Apple.


City Mouse said...

You totally bewitched me with this post! I love wreaths (and making them), and I love apple trees, and I love mythology. I looked up at the end of the post and realized I had totally been transported to a wonderful place while reading it! (I know, I know ... all this over a post about apple wreaths.) Loved it!

Granny Sue said...

I think it is knowing that such things can be done. What we would normally throw away or grind for mulch can be used to make something useful and beautiful. I think that's what transported you, as it does me. I love using what is here naturally in my home.

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