Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Prayers Needed

To any readers who pray:

Please include my sister's daughter-in-law Courtney on your prayer lists. Courtney has a tumor near her brain that has metastisized. She has two lovely little babies, and she is a lovely person herself.
Courtney needs all the prayers, energy, thoughts and good wishes we can send her.

Please add Courtney Towne to your list of people who need us all to pull for them.

Thank you.


MK Stover said...

Prayer? Maybe not in the traditional sense, but I suppose I do something akin to it.
I will keep Courtney and her family (and yours) in my thoughts and energy (I like 'energy' a little better).

earth heart said...

Holding Courtney and family in the light of love and well being.

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