Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Richness of Life

Yesterday I called my friend Ellouise to check on her husband who had some recent health issues. As we were talking I mentioned that I'd managed to screw up my knee (taking photos, no less! I knew better than to climb up that roadbank), and we talked a little about my son who is serving in Iraq and a few other family issues. Ellouise said, "To read your blog, you'd think you're living the idyllic life." My reply: I am. She understood exactly what I meant.

Life isn't all about the good, happy things. There is much more to it than that--grief, sadness, anger, frustration, helplessness, tiredness, a job we don't like, to name a few. Certainly I have my share of all the above.

But it's all part of the crazy quilt we call life. To be fully living, one has to experience more than just the easy stuff. I choose not to post about some things because they are personal to a specific person and it's not my right to make it public, or because it could be misinterpreted or make someone unhappy.

So those things won't be on my blog. I will share the happiness I feel each day at being blessed to have a good family, good friends and a beautiful place to live. I will share my writing and my joy at being alive in this time and place.

Each part of my life--the good, the stressful, the happy, the sad, the crazy and the bizarre--add to the wholeness of each day and deepen my appreciation of all that is wonderful in this world. I thank my readers for coming to enjoy it with me, and for sharing a part of their lives with me.

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