Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yesterday's stories

1. A body was found in the Elk River, only a few feet from the library in Clendenin. It was feared that the mayor's grandson had been found. That fear proved to be true. What a sad day for that family.

2. Two boys with skateboards were outside the library. One had put his wallet on the ground. "Any money in that wallet" I asked. "No," replied his friend. "He used it to buy a fake mustache."

3. A ragged car pulled around the corner; a man with white hair and beard at the wheel. He stopped when he saw the boys, opened his door and propped his left leg, in a cast, in the open car window. "Broken in three places," he bragged. Apparently he'd been skateboarding.

4. In downtown Charleston, the ornamental crabapples are blooming. Their sweet, heavy scent is lost in the fumes of traffic, unless you pay attention.

5. On the street, a man says, "all the blood and gore of medieval times." A girl sprints to pick up two pennies on the sidewalk--my kind of people!

6. A woman with a walker struggles to cross the street, but gives me a brilliant smile.

7. Library staff complain because the AC isn't working, but outside the air is filled with the scent of the apple trees.

1 comment:

City Mouse said...

You surely have a knack for find the beautiful and funny coincidences and connections that most people would not even notice. This post is a really gorgeous stream of consciousness!

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