Friday, May 23, 2008

On the Way to Lost River

Sign in a unisex restroom at Harman, WV. My youngest son once lost his wallet here. The owner got up at midnight to get it for us when we drove back, realizing that the wallet, with military ID and tickets to Germany, was missing. We try to stop here every time we go through that area now. But the sign? Intriguing!

Restroom door detail in Harman. Lovely old doors and hardware fascinate me. I expect I'm the only one to take and post photos of restroom doors, though.

Truckin' into Petersburg, WV, population about 2400. This is where my oldest son and his wife work.

Face tree at Lost River State Park. This one is kinda scary.

Grandson Clayton clowning by a big tree along the creek in the park. He and I had a great time on our walk together.


Jamie said...

That tree IS kinda scary!

MK Stover said...

I love the bathroom sign.
And I love coming over here to read your blog.

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