Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Poor Little Green Car

Poor little green car! Innocently she rested under the tall trees at Lost River State Park after a long and mountainous journey across West Virginia. And what should happen?

A branch! A villainous branch fell from a tree and shattered the back window. Here lies the villain, the Perp:

Helpful park staff cleaned up as much glass as they could, and with creative use of tape and trash bags fixed it well enough to keep the rain out.

Tomorrow Little Green Car goes in for surgery and a replacement window. Glass is still everywhere in the car--today it mysteriously showed up in my lunch bag, even though I packed it in the house. Go figure.

What happened to the villainous branch?

See below. I celebrated the memorial service and cremation with a good glass of Grey Ghost Winery's Reserve Chardonnay.

Take that, branch.

(I'm wondering...with 231,000 miles, do ya think they'll total it? I mean, it's just scratched paint, a few very minor dents and a broken window, but...)

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