Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring on Joe's Run: Part 1

If you drive up Joe's Run at the usual speed (about 25 or 30 mph is all you'd want to try with the road in such poor condition due to damage from the gas drilling trucks) you miss a lot. Within the first quarter mile, what you'll see is this:

Which is pretty in its own way. But stop, get out and really look at the roadbanks, and what you see is this:

Look closer and you'll spot the individuals making up the mass of blues and purples, like wild geranium,

and larkspur,

and then, surprise! Shyly retiring beneath overhanging neighbors, even a white larkspur.

and sweet-smelling blue phlox.

This is just one place along the four miles that lead me home. I will post more photos of the flowers and sights along Joe's Run in the next few days--what is usually a 15-minute drive took 2 hours this week as I stopped to take pictures. My son who was driving me was very patient with his camera-happy Mom.



Nice. Thanks for taking the time and for sharing the sights on "Joe's Run." Ellouise

Peggy said...

Beautiful photos! You have a very patient son.

City Mouse said...

Gorgeous photos! Blue/purple flowers are my favorite. I love the pics taken down the road bank ... Looks like a big indigo and green blanket!

Anonymous said...

Aw jees, Mom... Aw C'mon! Ah Jees, again?

Tee Hee!


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