Sunday, June 1, 2008

Garden Guardian

Larry was up and out at 6:30 am yesterday morning to start work in the garden. On a Saturday. He usually likes to sleep until 8 o'clock on weekends, since our usual get-up time is about 5:15 am. But yesterday he was in a hurry to get started.

What's the rush, I asked, pulling blankets tighter around me.

I've got something I need to get done, he said.

I thought he meant something like hoeing out the potatoes.

I looked out the door to see how Larry was doing in the garden and realized he wasn't alone out there. Who was that small figure perched on top of the grapevine's post?

I walked outside to get a closer look. The figure wasn't on the grapevine post, it was in the garden. Meet Doughboy, looking a little worse for wear (World War I was about 90 years ago, so he has reason to look worn).

I guess jobs are scarce for a 100+ year old soldier, so he's taking what he can get. Around here, the only job available is Garden Guardian, so he's taken up guard duty.

Howdy, Doughboy!

The potatoes did get hoed and hilled, by the way.

(The inside of Larry's mind is a scary place, I think. I'd need a tour guide to get around in there.)


Anonymous said...

Mum, that's a little freaky! I do recognise some Chem Warfare Gear, though...


City Mouse said...

I was just reading Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" (for a project next Fall) and then I popped on over to catch up on your blog ... that scarecrow pic was total eerie synchronicity! Awesome.

Gotta read some posts from this week and catch up on my GS now that I'm back!

Tipper said...

Please tell Larry that is the scariest scarecrow I have ever seen. You should have no problem with crows, rabbits, deer, or even people!

Granny Sue said...

I'll tell him, Tipper!

I want to add one of those motion-detector things that starts singing or something when anyone gets near. I figure I can put it under the poncho to protect it from rain. It would cost a few batteries, but wouldn't the deer be amazed?

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