Friday, June 6, 2008

Garden Shots 2

Our Lady of the Garden serenely observes her realm.

Roses and Lavender--the Lavender is still not in bloom but is full of flower spikes.

Our Lady gazes down at rocks and sedum while the blue bottle bush scans for evil spirits and the fire pit awaits the flame of a match. Granddaughters Cassie, Jordan, Katie and Allison made the painted flower pot some years ago. It was much taller but clumsy me broke the bottom pot.

The herb garden, just getting started this year, now that the daffodil tops are gone. It is so convenient to have herbs right by the porch steps. Sometimes I plant a cherry tomato plant in here and it will keep bearing until December if I'm lucky because this location is so protected from the weather.


Robbyn said...

These are lovely!!

Grand Life said...

Everytime I log onto your blog and see pictures of the area where you live, I just drool. You have a real talent with plants and your yard is stunning. My daffodils are just beginning to bloom at 8800 feet in the Rockies. We had snow this morning and had to move the new hanging baskets from the deck to safe cover. We actually have about 35 minutes of summer usually around the middle of July. But we love it here. Have a great week and thanks for your visits to my blog.

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