Sunday, June 29, 2008


Or is it?
A lovely message at the entrance to the parking garage put a smile on the faces of travelers.


City Mouse said...

Aw - I think it's art. But heck, I think a lot of grafitti is art. As long as it was done with good intentions - on a wall or not.

BTW - I gave you one of those silly blog awards. You deserve it! Come on over and see it. (How d'ya like that - an award you have to go to someone else's 'house' to see!!)

Granny Sue said...

I saiw it before I left, but didn't have time to respond. Thank you!--I'll be on over to respond on your site, and follow up on mine as soon as I get home.

I'm working the library's book sale today--nothing like a 3-hour commute to get here this morning from the site of last night's performance!

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