Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom

Mom (Edna June Hagger Connelly) in 1957, or thereabouts. What a lovely lady she was.

June 13th is a bittersweet date for me. My mother would have been 81 today.

As anyone who has lost a parent knows, it doesn't get easier with time. If anything, I miss her more each year. So often I will think, I've got to call Mom and tell her about that. Then I remember she's not here.

I think of her whenever I see old-fashioned roses in bloom, or an herb garden with chives and mint, or bone china tea cups with fluted shapes and painted flowers. I think of her when I make a pot of tea or eat breakfast for dinner. I especially think of her when I see my grandchildren, because Mom loved little children best of all. I think of her when I see pretty wineglasses, vintage jewelry or flowered hankies, or smell Emeraude perfume.

I remember her kitchen when I see an enamel-topped table in an antique store; I think of her when I work at the massive table that used to be her dining room table, the one that was so big all 13 children could be seated around it for dinner--with room to spare. Books of English poetry, kitchen gadgets, stacks of cookbooks and yarn all remind me of my mother and her passion for her home country, and for cooking and knitting.

She was what a mother should be--soft and firm, loving and demanding, caring and nurturing, and always a good listener.

She is always remembered and she will always be loved.



Lovely post - your Mom and Jim share June 13 - a day for special folks.

Anonymous said...

I miss her too, Susie. When it is spring and the flowers start blooming, when I see my grandchildren do something funny or incredibly brilliant, I think how nice it would be to share with her. I am grateful we had her as long as we did...just never seems to be long enough. I am grateful she showed us how to be good grannies, it is way more fun than I ever thought it would be, even though she tried to tell us!
Love you, tm

Anonymous said...

Yellow roses, a flower she called French Lace that now I can't remember the name of it, she made French Lace sound better. Wild flowers from the mountain, British Blend tea, Earl Grey Tea...remember how we used to think that was the expensive tea saved for special occasions? Thank you Mom for teaching us to appreciate nature, even the smallest of creatures. I miss her too Sue and Theresa... Julie

Bubbasgotgas said...

I miss her when I need a hug because she gave the best hugs since she was squishy. I also miss her whenever a Brit has a chance at winning something. I pull for them, just cause I know it would make her happy.

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