Sunday, June 8, 2008

Homecoming: Part 2

Hannah found another friend: Governor Joe Manchin. Never shy about speaking to people, Hannah walked right up and introduced herself! His parting comment to her was, "you come see me now, you hear?" Hannah assured him that she would. As we walked away, she asked, "so where does he live?" In a great big, beautiful house, I assured her. "Well, let's go see him after our cookout tonight," she said. I wonder if he'd be surprised!

The kids loved the big flag--hiding behind it seemed to be an attractive game. Look at the legs back there! I caught the girls standing still for once.

An announcer told us the planes were 15 minutes away, and everyone moved to the tarmac. For more waiting, but this time the end was in sight.

Now these two look like heartbreakers to me, but I'm their granny/mother.

"Are they here yet?" Hannah asked. We saw other planes landing, but none were the ones we were looking for.

And then, finally, a far-off dot in the sky got bigger and bigger...

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